About Skinexam

SkinExam.com is a website dedicated to helping people through education and knowledge. There are many people in the US and around the world who, without SkinExam, would otherwise have no way for a skin expert with many years of experience in skin problems, to tell them the possible reason for something they have found on their skin.

Once Upon a Time - if you found something worrisome on your skin - it required 8 Long and Costly Steps

Once upon a time, if we found something suspicious on our skin, we would need to:

1) First, make an appointment with our regular doctor or primary care provider.

2) Then, wait days or weeks for the appointment

3) On the day of the appointment with our primary care provider, we would need to take the day off from work or school.

4) Our primary care provider then sees us and our skin problem and very possibly then advises us "You need to see a dermatologist."

5) Thus we would then need to make an appointment to see a dermatologist.

6) We would then have to wait weeks or maybe MONTHS for the appointment with the dermatologist.

7) Then, on the day of the appointment with the dermatologist, we would have to take yet ANOTHER day off from work or school.

8) Finally, on the day of the appointment with the dermatologist, we TRAVEL to the dermatology provider’s office (sometimes at a distance quite far away from our home), WAIT in his or her waiting room for possibly HOURS and we then see the dermatologist – only to possibly be told, AFTER ALL OF THIS WAITING AND WORRYING AND STRESS, that although the thing on our skin seems worrisome to us, it is actually something harmless and all it needs is maybe a small amount of over-the-counter steroid cream from a local pharmacy or maybe that the skin problem is just something to simply to be watched. AFTER ALL THAT.

Tremendous Amount of Waiting and Expense

One spends a tremendous amount of time and expense for something that turned out to be nothing important. Waiting for the primary care provider's appointment. Taking that day off from work or school. Waiting in the primary care provider's office. Then waiting AGAIN for the dermatology provider's appointment. Taking ANOTHER day off from work or school on the day of the dermatology provider's appointment. Traveling (sometimes long distances) to the dermatology provider's office. Waiting again in the dermatology provider's office - all for something that did not turn out to be serious and could have possibly been addressed at a much lower cost in money and time.

All that time off from work or school. All the expense of traveling to and from provider's offices. All the expense of the CO-PAYMENTS each visit with the primary care provider's office and the dermatology provider's office - just to find out maybe that the thing on our skin was simply nothing to be worried about.

"Pins and Needles" While Waiting

Weeks – and possibly months – go by while we wait for our appointments (first with the primary care provider and then with the dermatology provider) and in the meantime, we would be on "pins and needles" worrying if the thing on our skin is something to worry about. Even if we have health insurance, we would have spent a fair amount of money on the co-payments which need to be paid at the time of the office visits with our primary care provider and with the dermatology provider – not to mention the time lost from work and the cost of traveling to and from the various doctors’ offices - and maybe the cost for a babysitter.

Now with SkinExam.com - High Quality and a quick Peace of Mind is as Close as Your Smartphone

Now with SkinExam.com, if we find something on our skin which is worrisome to us, we simply...

1) Download the SkinExam app onto our mobile phone

2) Use our mobile phones and take up to three photos of the finding on our skin which worries us

3) Include a small description with each of the photos we upload to SkinExam.com - for example, how long the skin finding has been there, if the skin finding is itchy or raised or hard or soft, if the picture shows the skin finding as it looks when we scratch it, etc.

4) Then, in one day or two (and sometimes sooner) a dermatology provider answers us and tells us what the finding on our skin may possibly be based on the pictures and descriptions we provided – all from the comfort of our own homes. All communication on SkinExam.com is done on our secure HIPAA compliant servers - and for a fraction of the cost of taking the time off from work or school, traveling to see a primary care provider and then a dermatology provider.

Rural Areas

It is estimated that approximately 40% of the US population – and in some countries that number is much higher – live very far away from a specialist provider like a dermatology provider. For example, the closest dermatology provider to someone who lives in Nome, Alaska is 519 miles away in the city of Fairbanks, Alaska. That is approximately an 18 hour – or more – round trip by car from Nome, Alaska to Fairbanks, Alaska to see a dermatology provider.

Therefore, SkinExam.com can, for example, bring a dermatology provider's information to the comfort and convenience of their homes to the people of Nome, Alaska – and many others who live in rural areas - in a secure, effective, reassuring, and inexpensive manner - without having to travel 519 miles or 18 hours to get a dermatology provider's opinion about something on the skin.

Our Health Care Professionals

Our affiliate dermatology providers on SkinExam.com are doctors, nurse practitioners, and physicians assistants who are all highly experienced, excellent, licensed dermatology professionals with years of experience who are duly certified and licensed in their professional fields.

At SkinExam.com, we seek to help as many people as possible to achieve the peace of mind which comes from knowledge and education. Knowing that they can ask a dermatology provider to review a picture of a finding on their skin from the privacy and comfort of their homes for a fraction of the cost and inconvenience, which would normally be the case, brings a huge sense of relief. Users know that this is just a Dermatology provider looking at a picture of what is on their skin and not a real, true evaluation in person by a licensed healthcare professional, but this information may give some peace of mind until the user is able to access his or her licensed healthcare provider. Now, with SkinExam.com, people do not need to wait a long time – with the anxiety that comes from waiting - before they get an educated opinion about their skin concerns.

Dermatology Providers Near You

SkinExam.com strives to pair the dermatology provider with the person who is asking about his or her skin finding and lives closest to the provider. In this way, if the dermatology provider feels that the skin problem should be seen in person sooner instead of later, there is a very real possibility that the dermatology provider who has read the picture of your skin problem for SkinExam.com may be able to also see you in person in his or her office.