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One day, while you are in the shower or in the kitchen, you notice something on your skin which you had not noticed before. It has an appearance which is worrisome to you. You show the skin finding to your spouse, friend, or co-worker; however, they can only give you their support. They cannot tell you if this finding on your skin is something which is important or something which can wait for your yearly physical exam with your doctor.

It Keeps Worrying You

As days pass, the spot on your skin continues to worry you. Your regular check-up visit with your doctor is – maybe – 6 months away and you wish you could somehow have an idea if this new finding on your skin is something which needs attention sooner than that.

Peace of Mind - A Friend tells you about

A friend tells you about You take out your cellular phone and download the free SkinExam app and create an account on Then, with the camera in your cell phone you take up to three pictures of what is on your skin which worries you and upload the photograph(s) to your SkinExam account. You provide some small descriptions with each picture you submit in order to help SkinExam's skin experts better understand what they are seeing in your pictures. The descriptions you can provide with each picture are such things as

1) How long has this finding been there on your skin?

2) Is it itchy?

3) Does it hurt when you press on it?

4) Has the finding on your skin become darker or lighter with the passing days? And other information which you feel may help the Skin Care Professionals to have a better understanding of what they are seeing in your pictures. Then, within a day or two – sometimes even sooner - an experienced, skin care Professional will review your pictures of the skin problem along with your descriptions and give you his or her opinion of what most likely this finding is on your skin. If necessary, it may also be suggested to you to see a skin specialist near you in person sooner rather than later.

May I see the Dermatology Professional who read my Pictures in person?

At, we strive to make it such that the Dermatology professional who reviews your photographs and descriptions lives and practices not too far from you. Therefore, if he or she feels that the finding on your skin would be best served by being evaluated in person, he or she may provide you with his or her office location so you can make an appointment to see him or her. But if the skin care professional who reviews your pictures and descriptions lives very far from you, SkinExam may help you find a skin care profession who lives close to you.

Is my Information on SkinExam safe?

Absolutely. SkinExam only uses 100% HIPAA compliant servers using strict SSL connections which in turn use the strongest data encryption in order to make sure that your personal information on SkinExam is as safe as possible.

Now with, when you find something worrisome on your skin, asking a Skin Care Professional for his or her opinion about it, is just a few clicks away - AND FREE!.

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