• What is the concept behind SkinExam?
  • How many pictures of the problem on my skin can I upload to SkinExam?
  • Are the Skin Specialists on SkinExam practicing medicine?
  • Do you guarantee that I will get an answer in 24 – 48 hours?
  • Does SkinExam keep my pictures?
  • How much does the SkinExam use cost?
  • How about HIPAA compliance? Is my information secure and safe?

SkinExam allows you to upload up to 3 pictures and a short description with each of them of a finding on your skin which worries you . The pictures (and their descriptions) will be reviewed by one of our skin specialists, who will give you an opinion of what they see in your photos and descriptions. In about 24 to 48 hours, you will receive a response from one of our skin experts who have years of experience. This can be a great comfort for many people who, for one reason or another, do not have the ability to see a doctor immediately when something concerning appears on their skin. However, it is important to note that SkinExam is NOT practicing medicine and that the opinion given by our skin specialists on SkinExam is for informational purposes only. The information given by our skin specialists is only the opinion of our skin specialists. SkinExam is not a Telemedicine website. SkinExam is a TeleHealth web site which is a form of education about skin problems. Even though SkinExam is not practicing medicine, nor is it a formal clinical skin assessment in a doctor's office, it IS a real opinion from a skin expert on what your problem MAY be. This may give you a great deal of peace of mind, however, you have the final responsibility, and in fact it is hereby recommended that you seek medical attention in person as soon as possible.

With every new case you submit on SkinExam, you can upload up to 3 pictures of the finding on your skin that worries you along with a short description with each picture. You can find our FREE app on Google Play or the AppStore. To better understand SkinExam, click on our informative video.

No. SkinExam and our skin specialists are not practicing medicine. SkinExam is a TeleHEALTH website which is informational only - NOT a Telemedicine website which is practicing medicine. In fact, before you are allowed to use SkinExam you must check the box indicating that you understand and agree that SkinExam is not practicing medicine and is not legally liable for the opinions of our skin specialists. SkinExam is a TeleHealth website which is for educational and informational purposes only. SkinExam is NOT practicing telemedicine. Our skin specialists are only giving you their best opinion of what the pictures and corresponding descriptions you submit may possibly represent. In order for you to know with certainty what is on your skin, you need to see a skin care provider in person. The opinion of our skin specialists is an information-only opinion of what they think is most likely on your skin. Our skin specialists have not seen nor personally examined the user with the skin concerns and have no physician-patient relationship with the person who submits their pictures and/or descriptions. You, the website user, are the one who is fully responsible for the decisions you make about your health care. SkinExam is not practicing medicine. Receiving the impression from one of our skin specialists of what they think might be on your skin, does not relieve you of the responsibility to formally see a skin care provider in person about your skin concerns.

At SkinExam we strive to provide you with an answer within 24-48 hours - and sometimes sooner. However, in times of high demand, our skin specialists may have many cases to review and therefore may not be able to provide you with an answer as quickly as we would like; but typically it will be no more than 48 hours. In either case, receiving the FREE opinion of one of our skin care experts may give you a little piece of mind while you wait for your appointment with your skin care practitioner.

No. Once one of our skin specialists has reviewed your photos, we will keep them on our secure, HIPAA compliant servers for 30 days as a courtesy. After 30 days, all photos and descriptions are removed from our database, unless you choose to subscribe to SkinExam for just $5.00 per month. Then we will save the subscriber's photos so that our skin specialists can compare the previous photos with recent photos. It is important to note that even though SkinExam is NOT practicing medicine, we nonetheless use HIPAA compliant servers as an additional measure of security and privacy protection for users.

It is free to use SkinExam. You may upload your photos and descriptions, and to receive a response from one of our skin specialists for FREE. After receiving your answer, you may choose to subscribe to SkinExam for only $5.00 per month you will be able to save your pictures for future comparisons. If you choose not to subscribe to SkinExam, your use of SkinExam remains FREE, however your pictures will be removed from our servers after 30 days.

Although SkinExam is NOT practicing medicine; as an additional measure of caution, all images and information in SkinExam are stored and transmitted from HIPAA compliant servers. All of the information shared between you and SkinExam is done through a 100% encrypted communication. SkinExam assumes no responsibility for the disclosure of information that may result if you provide your passwords to others, or in any way allow others to see your account information. SkinExam does NOT accept and hereby documents that it will NOT accept any responsibility for any loss, exposure or disclosure of information from users who have created weak passwords which are easy to guess.