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SkinExam is for Everyone. Anyone who has ever wondered “what is this on my skin?” to clarify their doubts.

For Specialists
SkinExam allows skin experts to use their experience to help more people.

For the family
SkinExam is a resource for the whole family to be able to check problems on their skin.

Wherever you are
If you are travelling and far from home, SkinExam is just a click away.


Excellent Services

SkinExam offers excellent services in an easy, FREE way from the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

Qualified Specialists

SkinExam's experts have years of experience providing valuable information to people with problems on their skin.

24 Hours Service

At SkinExam we offer 24 hours service 7 days a week. You don't have to wait anymore for an appointment while constantly worrying about what is on your skin. Any day you want, it doesn't matter what time. We our here to give you our opinion.

Fast, Affordable Peace of Mind

At Skinexam, we strive for you to receive the opinion of one of our skin specialists in approximately 24-48 hours. And, the best part is SkinExam is FREE!

SkinExam for Skin Experts

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As health care professionals, we have all experienced the feeling “If only I could help more people” but we are only human. We can only see just so many people a day, a week, or a month in our practices. We have all of this tremendous amount of knowledge, experience and mental ability to help even more people than our physical time in our offices allows us to do – but we just cannot physically see more people than we are now seeing during our office hours.
SkinExam is a platform, which allows us to use some of our free time to help even more people – people who may otherwise not receive help from anyone - and to do so from the comfort and convenience of our homes.