Employers and/or Corporations are among the most benefitted users of SkinExam.com.

How Employers benefit by having their employees use SkinExam.com: On SkinExam.com employers are able to provide their employees with a wonderful means for learning about their skin health at a very small cost to the employee and at no cost to the corporation/employer. Click here to create a new corporate account. If you are an employer and wish to learn how you can provide SkinExam.com for your employees at no cost to you, please contact us at corporate@skinexam.com.

As an employer, you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you have given your employees a way for them to be able to obtain information about a skin problem they may have in a timely manner. In case the problem is something that one of our dermatology providers recommends that the person goes to see a dermatologist right away, it might help the employee tremendously while maintaining your sick time and keeping health costs low.

Increased productivity is something which every employer strives to achieve. If an employee does not obtain timely medical care for a skin lesion while it is still early and readily treatable the employee might need a lot more time off for this same problem later on. The loss of that key employee may disrupt a number of functions in the company. An employee who has unfortunately not been able to seek early care for a skin problem may subsequently require huge amounts of medical expenditures and time off for a problem which would have cost a fraction of this amount had it been addressed early.

How Employees benefit from using SkinExam.com: Employees benefit from using SkinExam.com because often, the "not knowing" is torture. Sitting days and weeks and possibly months worrying about a skin problem, which could have been easily and readily addressed by SkinExam.com, is a tough thing for employees. Whereas, if his or her employer had arranged for the employee to be able to use SkinExam.com, the employee would have resolved this source of worry quickly and would return to focusing on his or her work and higher productivity instead of worrying about a skin problem.

Therefore, SkinExam.com and the early, efficient, and inexpensive benefit that it provides, leads to the employees and the company possessing an unequaled value of peace of mind and increased productivity for very little cost. Please contact us at corporate@skinexam.com to learn more about Corporation/Employer plans for SkinExam.