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It's Easy to Address Your Skin Problems

The Process for using is as follows:

  1. You find something on your skin which is worrisome to you.
  2. You download the free iPhone or Android SkinExam app onto your smartphone and register/create an account using your SkinExam app.
  3. Afterward, you simply click where it says "Click here to add a new case".
  4. Then, you take up to three pictures with your mobile phone camera of what you have found on your skin and add a small description to each picture, for example: "This is how it looks in the morning when I wake up" or "This is how it looks after I scratch it" or "This is how it looks after I shower."
  5. The descriptions you provide with each picture will help the Skin Specialist to better be able to interpret and understand the pictures of your skin finding.
  6. PRELIMINARY REVIEW. Once you have completed the steps above, you will have then paid NOTHING!
  7. Up to three of our Skin Specialists will do a preliminary review of your photos and accompanying information. If, after reviewing your photos and information, all three Skin Specialists feel that they cannot make a good estimation of what is the problem on your skin and that the finding on your skin looks such that it can only best be truly evaluated by a Dermatologist in person, then they will all decline to give a reading about your pictures and your cost would have been NOTHING. In essence, it will have been FREE!
  8. If one of our Skin Specialists DOES feel that he or she can give you an estimation of what your skin finding likely represents. If one of our Skin Specialists feels that the pictures and descriptions you have provided are such that he or she is comfortable giving you an impression of what your skin finding likely represents, then the Skin Specialist will give you a reading of what your skin finding likely represents and then and only then will you be charged the $5.00 fee for the reading of your skin pictures by one of our Skin Specialists.
  9. NOTE: For users of our iPhone and Android Apps who do not have a PayPal account, the $5.00 is charged up front.

How It Works

Take a Photograph of the affected area

Download our app from the App Store or the Play store, depending on the kind of device you have. Once downloaded, create an account on SkinExam. If you are part of a company sponsored plan, you can ignore this step. Take a picture of the affected area.

Upload the image using Our Apps

Once you have taken a picture of the affected area, you can submit it, using our apps. It's that simple!

One of our Experts reviews it and sends you an answer

Once uploaded, one of our experts reviews your problem, and sends a reply as soon as possible. You will be charged the amount of $5.00, once you receive an answer.

You get Affordable Skin Care at your convenience, anytime you want.

You get affordable, convenient, and smart skin care, at your home, or anywhere convenient, anytime you want; thus, giving you the peace of mind.